Friday, December 14, 2007

Nokia is just Awesome :D

I was just WOW! when i first time properly get aware of Nokia's Remote Device Access (RDA) Technology.

Because Nokia has ported real devices for remote testing, why don't they made some emulator sort of thing. Why Don't Nokia should develop Matlab base emulator or something like that.

I mean that can be even more productive.

oh, do you know about RDA? No ...
visit Remote Device Access

it is useful but not as much productive, as it should :(

Remote Device Access also known as RDA allows developers to test their applications on a variety of Symbian based Nokia devices remotely over the Internet. The current setup has total of 20 devices and about 15 different device models.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Worth of 5 line code

By the way, what does technology matters (it has its optimal value but its some thing if you have basic concept you can develop it, So, here we are discussing a concept)

Secondly, "Hello, world" like every technical book (specially in computers)
generally, Hello, world application is only 3 -4 line code but if you publish this in book you are making money with it, and if you publish it on website with ads then you are making good money

Form last few months we are working on a concept about technology emergence and i was just thinking about the open source thing (specially about its concept) and current market problems like;
original softwares are still costly (specially for developing countries),
So, most of the software companies are only successful to get target only developed world. (For example Uncle Microsoft is still not able to get target third world / developing world users)

As an result third world / developing countries still using pirated software and this piracy is harmful for their own economy and technology growth.

And at the other hand Open source concept is trying to produce quality software for common user, its a good concept but not applicable for end user solutions

for instance, open source programming languages are successful like PHP, java, RoR, Phython, etc and other applications / large applications / frameworks
it good enough for this sort of stuff
But there should be Optimal benefit against every intellectual work, its good, if you want to do some work Free but end of the these structures has some major inherent problems

1. No financial benefit for intellectual worker (At the end No Interest)
2. Thousands of projects on sourceforge most of them are workable concept but generally people lose their interest (because of No financial benefit)
3. No reliability on end solution
4. say, some domain knowledge can make complex solution but their is NO compensation for any one


How can we make this much worth applications?
Its simple
their are few bad practices already exists in market...

BUY NEW Computer -> BUY OS -> BUY applications (third world use pirated)

End user should not to buy OS but has to buy applications (Not for $100 each application but on subscription)

All the applications has to available on subscription; and subscription fee should depend on application but it should not more then $2/mo

its too less but this way any company can earn almost 10 times more because this method would include every person who is system / intellectual property user.

And Open source organizations can make real good money by adopting this method but its all USELESS if you have to buy OS :)

And this way IT professionals can also produce optimal use for their intellectual work and companies can earn more and Most important end user would have quite good experience.

Generally, End User problems
1. confusion in application versions
2. Where to go and find application

if there is subscription then you know almost precisely / and subscription method will also be helpful to improve software quality / support / and end user experience.

Technology Overview
major storage should be online

Basic OS
Basic OS should be free of cost (can be linux), it should include hardware drivers and basic libraries, runtime environment.

Application subscription
Download application GUI and major libraries and all the applications would be web service

We are working on this model, hopefully soon we will come up with this completely working model