Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today, i think

Today, i think we might need some system that should have some space for human loneliness or to real very personal level truth.
For instance, other then myself every other being / thing is a some one else, and at very personal level i see it differently and i must have some some opinion about that, might be negative / positive.
There are so many realities, very small incidents / happenings, that we want to talk about, those are interesting to know, to talk about or to may be write about, but in most of the time we don't want people to expose our self.
We want to share our very personal feelings but we don't want to be exposed.

For example, what i think today

Today, i met with my friend (Let's call him Mr. K), he introduced me with two of his colleagues, one is i don't even remember thier names (okay, let's call them Maria and Usman). When Mr. K introduced me to them, its was okay kind of experience, but i had a feeling like, both of his colleagues doesn't like me (they didn't accept my presence, because i was there, so some how they have to bother me :( ), then they start talking to each other about the people, who were just alien for me, and specially, what i really hates is, that girl (Maria), was intentionally tried to ignore me (that makes feel bad), first i tried to be good with them, but early i feel its not gonna happen, so, i became uncomfortable with them, although my friend K was also trying to keep me in the conversation, but because of the fact that Maria talks a lot, so it didn't fly either.
Anyways, i started feeling myself as a bore guy, although i believe i am not. And being a boring personality, i hate it.
Whatever, but when i drop them to their office, both were okay, but in a different space. Having context less conversion, or relation, i feel like i never want to talk to them, they might feel the same.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Humans are functions, if you change input / interaction parameters, you'll get different result.

Day before yesterday, i watched "Patch Adam" the movie. My friend Kashan's recommendation. i just love that movie, because it was too real, although movie had statement after main title, which was "this film is based on true story but film is modified".
How Patch Adam (Robin Williams played this role) get to the true human value, and how it was so important to improve quality of life. Well, i believe its not hard to get the truth, all you need is to focus on actual existence of life. As i generally say "Truth has amazing capacity, that it always stays truth". For me, the life changing phrase was "Humans are functions, if you change parameters, you'll get different result", Patch (Robin Williams) said this phrase to his room mate friend when Patch was convincing him, how excessive happiness (the final term that movie end up with for happiness) is important for humans and how it can help people to improve quality of life.

Excessive Happiness
Some one is happy or may be not, is there any measurements for emotions like being happy / sad. I spend my whole life thinking "How to deal with people?" you might think, is that hard to think this for this long (i am 26 now). but believe me its true, in my school days, i was pretty much confused person, want to do a lot things in life like every kid (then youngster), but never had courage to express them or never had personality like being blunt. Do i was happy then? may be / may be not, i still not sure.
But, after watching this movie (Patch Adam), i was forced to think about my conception about life and to dealing with life. Then suddenly, my mind come up with new question, "The way we deal with people around us, is that called a life?". May be, again not sure, i've seen several people in my life who were not like me, but very friendly / outgoing and interesting personalities, i have no dam clue how they manage to get their lives this happy, or call it "excessive happiness", but i just love their lifestyle, i want not to worry about very minute things in my life, but i still thinking so much, i want to be happy (technically speaking, i am happy), but still i think too much on many things, i don't want to. But still i am thinking.

Is not being keen observer is a solution?
I think if we don't think so much, its won't make things that obvious to us, and this not knowing things make / keeps you happy.
If look carefully on human life, there is always tradeoff involve in every affair of life. For instance, if we don't know what are the things actually, you won't be successful, And if you know, you won't live as happy, because, then you'll more worry about taking care of stuff, and (as the human nature concerns) we'll always want to do our beneficial things, though being beneficial don't make you happy always.

Is there any super humans?
Today, my old boss (Mr. Mj) discussed, that yesterday he went to "Readings" (book store), and bought few books, he was talking about one of those books (i don't remember the name though), but that book author wrote about nova tech humans. Author was writing about tech people that; "All the non tech people are common human beings, you can predict them, all follow patterns, all are simple rule based machines, whatever they do, it doesn't go out of their pattern", And Mr. Mj was laughing at that.
Well, right at that time i realize how true it is, with little change in main concept and that is "All that humans are machine and just rule based machines, and no human is out of it"
If all the tech human or the people who has some technical sense, they might have basic conception of human existence and it might make they different from other people, but not that different. End of day, all are still human and unable / able to do perform certain task and has restricted existence. Sometime this existence may change the the essential values of their life, and sometime it just good to have. But, everything lies in circle, no matter what it is, even its system of universe or atom internals or normal affairs of life, every get hype and that hype make it equal to zero.
So, that discussable factor is not being on hype, but again getting to zero point. For instance, there are too many symmatries in human evolution, when humans weren't aware of anything they were clothless, but the interesting fact is when humans gets too wise, they are again clothless :) (call it fashion). Same thing with being successful and not being successful, an illitrate person and very high qualified person also share common properties. Like mid level knowledgable persons, has a lot of trouble doing minute things in his life. but highly knowledgeable person and a person having 0.0 knowledge lives the quite properly, i mean without worring about all nitty gritty things. Because then things become simple for both.
I believe, there are super humans, and those are people who has knowledge above the blet, or the people who has knowledge below the belt. Well, this is may be the beauty of life.